It is not always easy to start a professional career or to change to a different profession. Ever more people therefore opt for a fixed-term internship in the preferred or targeted sector in order to acquire the knowledge and skills that will be important to them later when they are looking for a more senior position.  

An internship offers the employee the opportunity to gain new professional experience and to properly prepare themselves for their future profession. An internship is usually agreed for a fixed term of between three and twelve months. Compensation varies during the period of internship.  

Tip: It is important that you choose an internship in a field that interests you and captures your imagination from the outset. The internship is the first step towards the achievement of your future professional goals and should be well considered. Use the following button to customize your search for an internship.  

Primework itself also offers internships from time to time.   These are for a position as personnel consultant and for front- and back-office jobs.


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