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Companies are facing new challenges. The economy is in the grip of a rapid process of digital transformation. Markets worldwide are in constant flux, which requires specialization. New technologies give rise to new opportunities. These changes all have an impact on the labor market. 

Flexibility is more important today than ever before. Flexible and time-independent working opportunities are changing the structures. Different working models and top specialists are making defining contributions. This is where personnel services come into their own.

They are constantly growing in importance and represent a growth market. Every year, more than 300,000 people in Switzerland make use of the services provided by recruitment agencies. The requirements of the companies as employers and those of the job seekers are diverse. 

Primework not only covers a broad spectrum, it is always one step ahead when it comes to new technologies.



When Primework does work for a company – searching for a single specialist or for an entire team, an employee for a temporary assignment or Try & Hire, or someone to take up a permanent position – the customer can rely totally on Primework. Primework very carefully checks the qualifications, experience and references of each and every candidate, and assesses candidates comprehensively and in a manner that is transparent to all the parties involved.


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