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Primework offers job seekers many services that support a focused job search and help them to optimize their application documents. Primework's website also informs them about statistics and news relating to the Swiss labor market and offers important advice, hints and tips for a successful application process.  

There is also a Live Chat where visitors and candidates can ask questions and discuss ideas with a Primework advisor.   

The free CV Configurator is a customized tool for preparing a professional CV in just a few steps. If needed, a personal consultation package can also be booked. The sector-independent job search platform enables candidates to freely submit their applications around the clock, without any time constraints.


Benefits of a free account:

  • Easy login
  • Simplified application system (“click mode”)
  • Overview of own documents
  • Overview of all pending applications
  • Job checklist
  • CV Configurator, with or without consultation

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Create your personal candidate profile now, easily and free of charge. Take selective advantage of the extra services designed to support you in your job search and to effectively simplify the application process.

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Valuable information on job types

Job ads

Primework's sector-independent job search platform offers jobs from everywhere in Switzerland, for which job seekers can apply free of charge and around the clock. At more than 80% of all job ads, German-speaking Switzerland outranks the other regions.

The advertised jobs include internal (mainly temporary positions in the construction sector) and external jobs with SMEs and large corporates everywhere in Switzerland. Primework often publishes job ads anonymously without any direct contact details or specific information on the company. This is a special service offered to companies by Primework.  As an employment agency, Primework wishes to stay true to its core business and to refer job seekers directly. Primework also wants to actively support the recruitment process, apart from establishing direct contact between the applicant and the company.

Some job advertisements are published for a longer period of time because qualified candidates are sometimes difficult to find in certain sectors and the respective companies have agreed to create new positions whenever a suitable candidate is identified.

Blueprint for application process:

  • You apply to a job advertisement
  • The competent personnel consultant checks your qualifications
  • If the outcome is positive, Primework contacts you personally and asks about your requirements
  • Primework coordinates your application with the customer
  • You go through the other stages of the application process, if applicable
  • You receive an offer from the company
  • Primework supports you during the probation period
  • Your job search has been successfully finalized


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